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The Complete Tutorial on Monster Hunter Now Spoofing

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Monster Hunter Now is the latest game launched by Niantic Games, where you travel around the world and kill monsters to gain epic loot. This Monster Hunter game is an augmented reality game like Pokémon Go, where you walk around the real world and try to find epic monsters to fight.

But how can you find and kill epic monsters if you cannot go outside due to school or work? In this article, we teach you how to spoof in Monster Hunter Now with the best tutorial on Monster Hunter Now spoofing technique.

Monster Hunter Now Spoofing – Is It Possible?

Monster Hunter Now isn’t just about fighting monsters but locating high-density areas and finding unique boss monsters to fight while walking in the real world. So, the only way to travel fast to high-density monster locations, which isn’t possible in real life, is using a Monster Hunter Now spoofer app or Monster Hunter Now GPS spoofing technique.

These apps mask your location and make it appear that you are fighting in a location hundreds of miles away. But before you start using any spoofer app, ensure you use a reliable and safe app instead of getting banned for cheating.

monster hunter now spoofing

Best Moster Hunter Now Spoofer – FonesGo Location Changer

In this section, we will share a great way that explains how to spoof in Monster Hunter Now. It will change your GPS location and simulate walking and traveling around the world while sitting in your home. The best app you can use for Monster Hunter Now spoofing is FonesGo Location Changer, which can help you change your geolocation to where you want using a Mac or Windows computer. The best thing about this spoofer app is that it doesn’t require you to root your Android device or jailbreak your iOS one.

Here are the best features of FonesGo Location Changer:

  • No Need to Jailbreak your iPhone or root an Android device.
  • It simulates GPS walking movement in random directions or controls directly using a joystick.
  • With a single account, spoof location on up to 15 devices.
  • You can spoof the location with a single click.
  • Available for the latest iOS 17 and Android 14.

Here is how you can implement Monster Hunter Now GPS spoofing using FonesGo Location Changer:

  1. Step 1 Download the software and install it to run it.
  2. Step 2 Connect your iOS or Android device to your computer using a proprietary cable. You can even connect both computer and mobile via a Wi-Fi device. Press the ‘Start’ button to start the spoofing process.
  3. launch fonesgo location changer win

  4. Step 3 Choose whether you want to spoof your location on an iOS or Android device.
  5. connect device fonesgo location changer

  6. Step 4 If this is the first time using this tool, please enable USB debugging on your Android and iOS devices must have developer mode enabled.
  7. enable developer mode fonesgo mac

  8. Step 5 Choose or search for a location you want to travel/teleport to in the game.
  9. search address fonesgo location changer

  10. Step 6 You need to click the ‘Teleport’ button, the first button on the icons at the top right of your screen. Once the location has been entered, simply press ‘Start,’ or ‘Go’ you will be at the new location in the game.
  11. teleport to new place fonesgo location changer

  12. Step 7 You can walk in the game with the joystick feature in the lower left of the interface. Now, you can easily find epic monsters and gain the best loot in Monster Hunter Now.

joystick mode fonesgo location changer

Other Spoofers for Monster Hunter Now

Let’s discuss some great Monster Hunter Now spoofer alternatives in this section.

1: Fake GPS Location

Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer is another app highly recommended for Android if you want to fake your location and travel worldwide. The best part about this Monster Hunter Now GPS spoofing app is that you can use it for free.

  1. Step 1: Find the app on the Google Play Store and install it. Before you can start spoofing, you need to go to your ‘Settings’ and mark ‘Allow mock locations’ in the ‘Developer options’.
  2. fake gps location
  3. Step 2: Once this is done, you can open the Fake GPS Location app and enter either the exact address you want to teleport to or the GPS location and press ‘Search’.
  4. Step 3: Your device will now be spoofed to the new location, and you can start killing monsters there.

2: PGSharp

PGSharp is another spoofing app that can easily help you by faking your location for Monster Hunter Now. Please follow these steps to fake your location.

monster hunter now spoofing pgsharp
  1. Step 1: Download and install the PGSharp app from their official link or a trusted third party store.
  2. Step 2: You may have to make sure ‘Install from Unknown Sources’ is enabled when asked.
  3. Step 3: Open the app and search for the location you want to start killing monsters, which will simply override your present GPS location.
  4. Step 4: Open the Monster Hunter Now app, and you will begin the monster hunting in the spoofed location.

Can You Spoof in Monster Hunter Now with a VPN?

Gamers use paid or free VPNs to play the game if unavailable in their location. It just masks your IP address and shows it from the country you selected, but games like Monster Hunter have contingencies against it because it doesn’t mask your GPS location, which is only possible through a Monster Hunter Now spoofing app.

monster hunter now vpn

FAQs About Monster Hunter Now Spoofing

Will You Get Banned for Spoofing in Monster Hunter Now?

Yes, you can get banned if caught spoofing because it is against the terms and conditions of Niantic games. Suppose you really want to hunt epic monsters far from your location. In that case, you should use a reliable tool like FonesGo Location Changer which will lower your chance of getting caught.

Can You Use Joystick on Monster Hunter Now?

Spoofing software like FonesGo Location Changer has many outstanding features, including the ability to use a joystick to move manually. This makes the game more fun as you can directly go to a more epic monster for better loot using the proper working joystick.

How to Avoid Getting Banned for Spoofing in Moster Hunter Now?

Sometimes, you may get soft banned for Monster Hunter Now GPS spoofing, which you can avoid by uninstalling the app, deleting the cache, and signing in after installing the app again.

You can also use trusted apps such as FonesGo Location Changer to mask your location correctly so that Niantic Games doesn’t detect that you are using a Monster Hunter Now spoofing tool.

Finally, if you don’t want to keep reinstalling the app after the soft ban, you can wait for the ban period by playing other games.

Spoofing Easily in Monster Hunter Now

We understand you want to fight the most epic battles and gain the best loot, but you cannot always be outside doing this. Sometimes, you have a job and too many chores to do. In that case, we have shared some fantastic ways to spoof your location using Monster Hunter Now spoofing apps to teleport to your favorite location. Now you can relax on your couch and adventure in different parts of the world using FonesGo Location Changer, the most reliable Monster Hunter Now spoofer.

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