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FonesGo Excel Password Recovery

  • Remove Excel file & sheet password instantly without character limitation.
  • Unprotected Excel all protections without password instantly.
  • Support more than 15+ Excel formats, .xls, .xlsx, .xlsm, .xlsb, .csv, etc.
  • Support Microsoft Excel from 2003 to 2021.
  • Highest success rate and no data damage.
excel password recovery

The Best Excel File & Sheet Password Remover

FonesGo Excel Password Recovery, a professional software for breaking password-protected Excel files and worksheets with multiple attack modes, ultra-high recovery rates, and no professional skills required. Helps users to easily break protection of Excel sheets in any situation.

excel password recovery 3 attack modes

Dictionary Attack

Find your Excel password from the built-in or homemade dictionary and decrypt it.

Combination Attack

Search your password based on characters and numbers of your choice.

Brute-force Attack

Randomly try all possible password combinations to increase success rate.

Lost Excel File and Sheet Passwords? Break Them All!

Are you in the embarrassment of being unable to edit, copy or print Excel? Forgot Excel file password? Or don't have permission to change the workbook structure and are in read-only mode? FonesGo Excel Password Recovery will help you unlock Excel file and sheets instantly.

break excel password

Automatic Save and Restore Process

Worried about accidentally closing a program and being unable to continue? FonesGo Excel Password Recovery will automatically save your recovery process.

Smart Recovery Algorithm, High Success Rate

FonesGo Excel Password Recovery will protect your Excel data while unlocking passwords while using its own advanced recovery algorithms to improve recovery rates.

smart recovery algorithm

Unlock Excel File and Sheet Instantly in 3 Steps

User-friendly interface and detailed step-by-step guide allows anyone to unlock workbooks and worksheets in three steps.

select dictionary attack
Step 1. Select the function you want to use in the main interface.
dictionary attack scanning
Step 2. Then choose an attack mode based on the password information you already know.
found password
Step 3. Now, FonesGo Excel Password Remover will start to recover your Excel password.

Listen to Our Customers' Voices


I accidentally removed the password protection of my Microsoft Excel 2018, I tried many tools but only FonesGo worked for me. Thank you so much!

Charles orange star

I originally thought I was hopeless, but with the help of FonesGo I finally removed the password protection of the Excel 2016 workbook structure!

Mike orange star

After searching and comparing many tools on google, I finally chose fonesgo, and luckily, it actually works!

vivi orange star


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fonesgo excel password recovery

FonesGo Excel Password Recovery

Professional Password Recovery,No Data Damage