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How to Bypass FRP on Motorola with/without Computer

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Does Motorola have FRP? It depends on your Android OS version. Google rolled out Factory Reset Protection on Android OS 5.1 and later. If your Motorola phone is running Android 5.1 or later, the FRP will be activated when you sign into a Google account on the device. After resetting the device through an uncommon way, you’ll need to enter the Google account username and password to access the device.

You can easily bypass Google account verification on Motorola phones when you have the Google account username or password. What if you forgot the Google account credentials or purchase a second-hand Motorola phone? If you are facing such a problem, this article can greatly assist.  Let’s explore further.

Part 1. Can You Bypass Google Lock on Motorola?

The short answer is Yes! You can perform FRP unlock on Motorola phones. This method can escape the sign-up requirement by Google after resetting your phone. There are various methods for Moto FRP bypass. You can use the phone’s built-in Talkback feature or get help from third-party software.

Part 2. How to Bypass Motorola FRP Without a Computer?

It can be challenging to bypass Google Lock on Motorola without a PC. However, you can try a few approaches, such as the Talkback feature or an APK. Let’s get into details of these methods to help you bypass your Moto’s FRP without a computer.

2.1. Bypass Google Lock on Motorola via Talkback Feature

One method to get around FRP on Motorola phones is to use the TalkBack feature. TalkBack vocalizes everything on the device’s screen and offers spoken feedback when it is turned on. You can access the device’s settings and navigate through the FRP setup screens by combining TalkBack-specific gestures and commands.

Once you are on the Welcome screen after resetting, follow these steps to bypass Google Lock on Moto with the help of the Talkback feature:

Step 1. Press the Volume Up and Down keys on your Moto phone simultaneously. A ‘Turn on TalkBack shortcut’ will appear. Turn on this option.

turn on talkback feature on motorola

Step 2. Again, press the Volume Up and Down keys simultaneously for 3 seconds. The Talkback feature will be turned on.

Step 3. Draw an ‘L’ from the opposite direction.

draw an L

Step 4. Double tap the ‘Use Voice Commands’ option.

use voice command

Step 5. Try saying, ‘Hey Google Assistant,’ and as the assistant responds, say ‘Open Settings.’

say command

Step 6. When you see the Settings menu, turn off the TalkBack feature by pressing the Volume Up and Down keys simultaneously.

Step 7. Hover around the ‘Accessibility’ option and select ‘Accessibility Menu.’ Then, turn on the ‘Accessibility Menu Shortcut.’

turn on accessibility menu

Step 8. Go back to Settings, choose Apps. Tap on the three dots at the upper right corner to display system apps.

show system apps

Step 9. Locate the Android Setup and force stop it.

Android setup

Step 10. Now go back to Settings and choose ‘Google Play Services.’ Disable ‘Google Play Services’ and force stop it.

google play services

Step 11. Return to the ‘Hi there’ screen and restart your Motorola phone.

Step 12. Set up your device. But you need to skip the network connection.

Step 13. Tap on the Accessibility menu shortcut – Assistant when the device is loading the system information.


Step 14. It will ask you to turn on Google Play services if you want to use Assistant. Then tap on the ‘Settings’ button at the lower right corner.

Step 15. Clear cache of Google Play services. Disable and force stop it.

Step 16. Return to the loading screen. You are all done. You can bypass the Google account verification on your Motorola phone.

2.2. Bypass FRP on Motorola with APK

Taking advantage of gaps in the Android operating system allows APK files to get around FRP on Motorola phones. These APK files can utilize the loopholes to unlock your device, but they might not work for everyone.

Once you are on the Welcome screen after resetting your phone, the given steps can help you with Motorola FRP bypass without a computer via APK:

Step 1. Click the Start button on the Welcome screen and connect to a Wi-Fi network. Go to the ‘Emergency call’ option and dial 112.

emergency call

Step 2. Click on the location that appeared after dialing the emergency call number. Go to Google Maps and click the share option. Go to the message option, delete the location link in the conversation box, write, and send it to 112.

Step 3. After sending a message, click the link ‘’ in the inbox. Go to YouTube, Settings, and choose the ‘About’ option. Then go to ‘Youtube Terms and Services.’

Step 4. Go to the Google tab present at the top of the page and type the link ‘’ After clicking the link, many options will appear. Go to the Set Lock Screen option.

Step 5. Now, you can set a new screen lock. When a screen named ‘Keep your device unlocked while it’s on you’ appears, it means that you have bypassed Motorola FRP successfully.

Part 3. How to Bypass FRP on Motorola with Computer?

If the above-explained methods do not work for you, there is another option by which you can FRP bypass Motorola with the computer. The Phonlab team created the Motoreaper FRP tool. This Windows One-Click FRP Bypass application is designed to easily unlock the Google FRP lock from any Motorola Android phone.

The following are the steps to bypass Google Lock on Moto with the help of the computer:

Step 1. Download the Motoreaper FRP bypass tool and unzip it. Open the tool and wait a short while.

Step 2. Choose the option ‘Let’s get started.’ Select “Install Motorola Drivers” to complete the installation.

motorola frp removal tool

Step 3. Once done, click ‘Let’s Continue.’ 

Step 4. Turn off your Motorola phone. Press the Volume Down and Power buttons simultaneously to put Motorola phone in Bootloader mode. Then connect it to the computer with a USB cable.

Step 5. Now, your phone will be detected by the Moto FRP tool. Select the ‘Next Stage’ option, and click the ‘Inject Exploit’ option. Examine your phone, and it will automatically restart several times. The FRP on your phone has been unlocked.

Bonus Tip: How to Unlock Motorola Phone without Google Account?

If you forgot your lock screen password/PIN/pattern and didn’t sign into a Google account on your Motorola phone before, how can you remove the screen lock and unlock Motorola phone? Worry not! FonesGo Android Unlocker can help you unlock Motorola phone without Google account. The following are a few features of FonesGo Android Unlocker.

FonesGo Android Unlocker – Best Android Unlock Tool
  • Bypass Google lock on Samsung, Xiaomi/Redmi, vivo and OPPO devices in minutes.
  • It supports to bypass screen lock password/PIN/pattern on 6000+ Android models, such us Samsung, Huawei, LG, Google, Motorola, etc.
  • It can unlock early Samsung models without any data loss.
  • Its ease of usage and higher success rate are noteworthy features.
  • It is safe to download, install, and use; your data will always be protected.

A step-by-step guide on using FonesGo Android Unlocker to unlock Motorola phones:

  1. Step 1 Free download and install FonesGo Android Unlocker on your Windows or Mac computer. Choose “Remove Screen Locks” from the home screen. Connect your locked Motorola device to the computer using a USB cable, then click “Start” to continue.
  2. android unlocker guide remove screen locks
  3. Step 2 The supported phone brands will be displayed. To proceed, choose the brand of your phone.
  4. android unlocker guide supported device brands
  5. Step 3 Follow the on-screen instructions to put your Motorola phone into Recovery mode. Then FonesGo Android Unlocker will start to remove screen lock from your device.
  6. android unlocker guide remove screen lock successfully

Final Thoughts

There are various methods can help you bypass FRP on Motorola phones. You can use the phone’s built-in Talkback feature or get help from an APK. If none is working, you can use a third-party tool. Besides, if you want to unlock Motorola phone without password, you can free download FonesGo Android Unlocker to have a try.

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