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Pokemon Go Eggs Not Hatching? 5 Solutions You Need to Know

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So, like me, you walked for 1 hour straight with the mobile in your pocket only to find out Pokemon Go didn’t register any distance? Or that you were cycling and had the phone in your backpack but when you checked it later on, the total distance traveled in Pokemon Go was unchanged?

Whatever the reason, if Pokemon Go eggs are not hatching in your game, there’s no need to worry. It turns out there are a couple of factors that, if triggered, will not count toward any distance traveled.

As such, we will look into these factors here as well as talk about that one trick that will let you hatch more eggs at home and make up for the lost time!

Why Are My Eggs Not Hatching in Pokemon Go

Eggs in Pokemon Go are typically hatched after you cover a certain distance in the game. However, simply acquiring an egg and covering the required distance is not enough. Many things need careful consideration before you start covering distance to hatch eggs in Pokemon Go. These are listed below:

  • Are your eggs in the incubator?
  • Did you completely cover the required distance?
  • Is Adventure Sync enabled?
  • Is your mobile GPS working fine?
  • Are you using the latest edition of the game app?

If your answer is NO to any of the questions above, then it’s obvious why eggs are not hatching in Pokemon Go. In addition, if you are covering the distance faster than the accepted speed limit by Niantic, then, live above, issues like Pokemon Go eggs not hatching will be encountered.

How To Fix Pokemon Go Eggs Not Hatching

Solution 1. Walk Under the Speed Limit

Devs at Niantic have imposed a certain acceptable max speed limit in Pokemon Go. When you are walking/driving/riding past this limit, the distance traveled will not be registered in the game.

Therefore, make sure that you are either actually walking or are under the acceptable max speed limit when, for instance, riding a bike. Generally, this max limit is assumed at 4 mph or 6.5 km/h.

Solution 2. Enable Adventure Sync in Settings

Adventure Sync is a feature of the Pokemon Go app that tracks your movement activity even if the game app is not running in the background. It utilizes the fitness data from your mobile device to count the distance you have traveled.

As such, you should enable this feature to allow for more precise tracking of your movement at any given time.

Solution 3. Check Your Network & GPS Signal

All your movement activity is measured against your GPS position on the world map. Consequently, if you are in a poor network area with a weak GPS signal, your device will not measure the distance accurately. You could be traveling more while little to no steps are being registered.

Therefore, make sure you are in a good network area with a strong GPS signal so that every step you take actually gets registered in the game.

Solution 4. Reboot Device

Sometimes bugs and glitches find their way into your smartphone device and this prevents it from functioning normally. Therefore, it is recommended you reboot your device periodically, especially if you notice an abnormal behavior.

Rebooting your mobile device restarts its operating system and makes sure that every component is working as it should.

Solution 5. Find Support from Niantic

If the Pokemon Go eggs not hatching issue persists despite trying all the steps above, then it’s time you contact the official Niantic customer support.

Start by explaining your issue in detail and they will hopefully respond with specialized assistance that will help you get back on track and fix the eggs not hatching Pokemon Go problem.

Extra Trick: How To Hatch More Eggs at Home

Although we have gone through a couple of solutions above, what if we tell you about one clever way that will resolve all your Pokemon Go eggs not hatching problems right from the comfort of your home? A method that will not require you to do anything except enjoy the coziness of your home? Sounds great, right?

As such, in this section, we introduce you to FonesGo Location Changer.

This location spoofing tool provides some of the best features that cater to your location spoofing needs on the spot. With that said, let us now see how you can use FonesGo Location Changer to hatch eggs without having the eggs not hatching Pokemon Go issue.

FonesGo Location Changer – Best Tools for Changing GPS Location
  • Instantly change your location to anywhere in the world.
  • Simulate movement between two or multiple spots at a customized speed.
  • Show a specific route you’ve traveled, even if you haven’t.
  • Manually adjust your location in real-time using a virtual joystick.

Step-by-Step Guide on how to use FonesGo Location Changer:

  1. Step 1 Download the latest version of FonesGo Location Changer from the official website. Install it and open it. Click “Next” to continue.
  2. launch fonesgo location changer
  3. Step 2 Connect your device to the computer using a USB cable. Choose Android or iOS.
  4. connect device fonesgo location changer

  5. Step 3 On your iPhone, click the Toolbox icon. It will show you the steps to enable Developer Options on your device.
  6. turn on developer mode on pc
  7. Step 4 Your device will be connected to the software. Enter the location you want in the search bar. Hit the “Search” button. The software will show you the selected location on the map. Click “Go” to spoof the location. Now, open Pokemon Go and enjoy the game.
  8. teleport to new place fonesgo location changer

FAQs About Pokemon Go Eggs Hatching

Q1. How Can I Make My Pokémon Eggs Hatch Faster?

Besides enabling Adventure Sync to track your distance even when the app is closed, try using super incubators to hatch eggs faster in Pokemon Go. This is because super incubators reduce the distance required to hatch the egg by 0.67x, about 1/3rd less time than normal for any type of egg.

Q2. Will Pokemon Go Count Steps on A Treadmill?

Yes, Pokemon Go will count your steps when on a treadmill with Adventure Sync and the app closed. This is because when you are actively playing the game, Pokemon Go will not count treadmill steps as moving since the game app relies on your GPS position to determine how far you are traveling.

Q3. What Pokémon Egg Takes the Shortest to Hatch?

Among the 4 types of Pokémon eggs, 2km eggs take the shortest to hatch. The other types are 5km, 7km, and 10km; all of which take considerably longer to hatch than the 2km eggs.

Q4. What Is the Best Speed to Walk at To Hatch Eggs in Pokemon Go?

The optimal walking speed for hatching eggs in Pokemon Go is generally around 6.5 km/h (4 mph). Going faster than this speed may not register all the steps, and going significantly slower may not register enough distance or just take too much time to hatch the egg.


While you can follow the precautionary steps mentioned above to ensure the Pokemon Go eggs not hatching problem does not occur, FonesGo Location Changer remains the optimal solution. Not only does it fix the eggs not hatching in Pokemon Go, but it also relieves you from the need to physically cover the distance.

What do you think? Share your thoughts with us and let us know in the comments below!

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