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4 Ways to Bypass an Unauthorized Attempt to Factory Reset

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Have a a30s. Factory reset it recenly. Changed phones so kept it as a backup so I factory reset it again and this time it’s showing unauthorized factory reset. Came from iPhone so this is all new to me. I don’t have d email id or password since I was using a throwaway account. Need help to solve this issue and whoever designed this feature needs to be fired. I get it it’s for safety but if my phone gets stolen and is factor rest I don’t care. It’s not like I’m gonna get d phone back.

—from Reddit

Do you ever handle a message pop-up in your phone stating an unauthorized attempt to factory reset? How to bypass this scenario wisely? In this article, get a quick synopsis of the best ways to overcome this message while performing your factory reset. Often you will receive this text when you fail to authorize your identity. It happens when you are stuck up to enter the Google account credentials while modifying your device settings. In those circumstances, you require an immediate solution to normalize your phone rather than looking for the forgotten Google account credentials. It is high time to educate on bypassing methods to handle the unauthorized attempt to factory reset messages.

Part 1: What Does the Message “An Unauthorized Attempt Has Been Made to Reset Your Device” Mean?

The message “an unauthorized attempt has been made to reset your device” appears on your phone when you set up your Android phone after a factory reset. It is an FRP lock automatically enabled by most Android devices that connect your Google account with your device settings for safety purposes. Only the authorized person knowing the credentials of the linked Google account can use the device after a factory reset. It is the perfect attempt to ensure the phone is in safe hands and avoids anonymous access to the phone settings. It becomes an issue if you forget the Google credentials or when the device has the previous owner’s Google account. You require a unique technique to overcome this authorization process to make desired changes to the device.

google account recovery

Scroll down to explore the sophisticated and reliable ways to handle this pop-up message on your device. Check them carefully and try to bypass this message at the time of the phone factory reset process.

Part 2: How to Bypass “An Unauthorized Attempt to Factory Reset” Error?

You would have come across ample ways to deal with the error message at the time of the factory reset. Here, you will be learning the bypass techniques and a unique tool to sort out these error texts precisely.

Solution 1: Contact the Previous Owner

If you have recently purchased a second-hand Android phone, connect with the previous owner to get the Google account details that are linked to the phone. Many users may not be willing to share their credentials with an anonymous person because it is considered a risky act. Though it may be one of the solutions to handle this issue, practically this is not successful.

Solution 2: Reset Google Account Password

If you remember the Google account parameters partially, then try to recover the account by resetting the password. Follow up the below instructions to assign a new password to your Google account and later enter the new Google attributes for the factory reset process to avoid such error texts.

  1. Step 1: Visit the Google Account Recovery webpage and tap Forget email option from the displayed items.
  2. google account recovery
  3. Step 2: Now, type in the recovery email ID and hit send one-time code to generate an OTP.
  4. Step 3: Finally, go to the recovery email account and check the 6-digit one-time code. Then, enter them to trigger the change password window.
  5. Step 4: Create a new password and confirm it to reset the Google account credentials.
  6. Step 5: Use the new password at the time of factory reset to get rid of the error message “An unauthorized attempt to factory reset”.
note Note
It will take about 24 hours for the new password to sync with all registered devices. 24 hours later, you can enter your new password to bypass the error message.

Solution 3: Bypass Unauthorized Factory Reset with FRP Bypass Tool

Another interesting method to bypass this error message is by using a FRP bypass tool. FonesGo Android Unlocker is an efficient program that helps to remove the FRP locks in the device. It is a powerful application that unlocks the device in no time. Despite the lock type, this app works well with high-end compatible features.

FonesGo Android Unlocker – Best FRP Bypass Tool
  • It can bypass the unauthorized factory reset on Samsung, Xiaomi, Redmi, vivo and OPPO devices.
  • Based on the advanced technology, it guarantees high success rate.
  • It doesn’t require the previous Google account username or password.
  • You can regain full access to your device within minutes.

Here are the steps to bypass the unauthorized factory reset on Samsung devices:

  1. Step 1 Download and install the app on your computer and connect it to your phone using a USB cable. In the home screen, press the Bypass Samsung FRP option, then hit the Start button in the following window.
  2. an unauthorized attempt to factory reset
  3. Step 2 From the listed items choose the appropriate Android version of your phone. Select the first option and press the “Next” button.
  4. android unlocker guide all android versions
  5. Step 3 Enter the secret code in the Emergency call screen to access diagnostics menu.
  6. android unlocker guide access diagnostics menu
  7. Step 4 After your confirmation, the FRP bypass tool will start to remove Google lock from your device. This can be done within several minutes.
android unlocker guide bypass samsung frp successfully

The above instructions will help you to bypass Google locks on your phone successfully. Connect with this app and remove phone locks effortlessly.

Solution 4: Visit an Authorized Samsung Service Center

Visit the nearby Samsung service centre if you are unable to unlock your phone or have forgotten your Google account credentials. Submit the purchase proof to process the factory reset on your phone using technical tools handled by authorized experts at the centre.

Part 3: How to Avoid “An Unauthorized Attempt to Factory Reset” Next Time

To avoid this error message, then try to remove the Google account from your phone. Follow up on the below guide to delete the account precisely.

  1. Step 1: Unlock your phone and go to the Settings option.
  2. Step 2: Press the Passwords & Accounts option from the listed items.
  3. Step 3: From the Accounts menu click Remove -> Remove Account option.
  4. Step 4: Confirm the process by tapping Remove account -> Remove Account.
  5. remove google account from android
  6. Step 5: Enter the phone lock pattern or pin to proceed with the account removal process.
    You must wait for a few minutes until the account removal process completes successfully.

No Worries about Unauthorized Factory Reset

Thus, this article emphasized the fact that you must not worry about the error message ”An unauthorized attempt to factory reset”. Use the above-discussed methods to fix this issue quickly. Install the FonesGo Android Unlocker tool to remove phone locks and enable the factory reset process effortlessly. Connect with this article to handle all types of phone locks. Unlock your phone and modify the device settings hassle-free using an efficient application. Stay tuned for interesting insights on phone unlocking tools.

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