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The screen displays “no boot device available” and prevents further booting after plugging the burned USB into the locked PC. (Using Dell inspiron one 2330 as an example)
The burned USB does not appear as a boot option in the boot device menu after plugging it into the locked PC. (Using windows10-HP desktop as an example)
When the damaged USB drive is plugged into the secured PC, the blue screen error keeps repeating on the PC screen. (For example, on a Surface Pro device)
After resetting the windows password, the computer enters a loop and fails to reach the login page.
What happens when the disk where Windows is located is not displayed in the software?
In the case of Dell Latitude 7400, when booting the laptop, it does not boot from the USB flash drive. the BIOS is locked and the BIOS options cannot be modified.
In the case of Surface Pro, for example, the computer does not recognize the USB flash drive.

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