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7 Ways! How to Hatch Eggs in Pokemon Go Without Walking?

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To hatch an egg in Pokemon Go, developers at Niantic make players walk for hours. Although walking is indeed good for your health, it can become quite an arduous job; especially if you have to do it regularly amidst a busy schedule.

Therefore, in this article, we will guide you on how to hatch eggs in Pokemon Go without walking. In addition, these methods will also enable you to hatch eggs faster in Pokemon Go than you would simply by walking alone.

Now, without further ado, let’s begin!

Best Way to Hatch Eggs in Pokemon Go Without Walking [Recommend]

While there exist several ways to hatch eggs in Pokemon Go without moving, FonesGo Location Changer remains the best option so far. This is because it provides an easy-to-use interface for users and everything is away at just the click of a button.

For those unaware, FonesGo Location Changer for Pokemon Go. It makes use of cutting-edge technology to change your location in the most natural way. In other words, you don’t get flagged or banned in Pokemon Go for using FonesGo Location Changer to spoof your location in the game.

As such, this location spoofing tool provides some of the best features that cater to your location spoofing needs on the spot. With that said, let us now see how to hatch eggs in Pokemon Go without walking by using the FonesGo Location Changer application.

FonesGo Location Changer – Best Tools for Changing GPS Location
  • Instantly change your location to anywhere in the world.
  • Simulate movement between two or multiple spots at a customized speed.
  • Show a specific route you’ve traveled, even if you haven’t.
  • Manually adjust your location in real-time using a virtual joystick.
  1. Step 1 You would need to have the tool installed on your PC. To download, head over to the official FonesGo site and proceed to download either the Windows or Mac version of the app, depending on your PC’s operating system.
  2. launch fonesgo location changer
  3. Step 2 Once installed, make sure that your mobile device is ready for pairing with FonesGo Location Changer. In other words, you would need to enable the developer mode on your iOS device and the USB debugging mode on your Android device.
  4. connect device fonesgo location changer

  5. Step 3 For instance, we will provide a quick guide on how to enable the developer mode on your iOS device here.
  6. turn on developer mode on pc
  7. Step 4 Open up your Settings app and scroll down until you see the “Privacy & Security” settings option. Tap on it to open up your device’s privacy and security settings. Here, scroll down until you see the “Developer Mode” section. Tap to open it and proceed to toggle on the Developer Mode on your iOS device.
  8. enable developer mode fonesgo
  9. Step 5 Once done, restart your device and you’ll be good to go. You are now all set to hatch eggs in Pokemon Go without moving.
  10. joystick mode fonesgo location changer

Other Ways for Pokemon Go Hatch Eggs Without Walking

Way 1. Hatch Eggs Without Moving Pokemon Go via Location Spoofer

Just like the FonesGo Location Changer tool, you can find many other similar apps on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. However, although these apps basically provide the same functionality as FonesGo, these are less secure and might potentially flag you in Pokemon Go.

Therefore, it is always advised to proceed with caution when using these “free” location spoofing apps to hatch eggs in Pokemon Go without moving. Nevertheless, the general process of setting up your device for changing your location across these free GPS apps is essentially the same.

hatch eggs in pokemon go

For example, on an Android device, open up Settings and go to the “About Phone” section. Here, tap on Build Number 7 times to enable the Developer Options setting. Make sure to turn it on. Afterward, install any location spoofer app, such as Fake GPS Go. Now, head back to the Developer Options, allow the mock locations setting on the phone, and give permission to the installed app from here.

And that’s it! You can start spoofing your location in Pokemon Go to hatch eggs without walking.

Way 2. Use Pokecoins to Purchase More Incubators

In addition, you can also purchase incubators with your Pokécoins to hatch eggs faster in Pokemon Go. While you already have 1 incubator with unlimited uses, know that you are limited to hatching one egg at a time.

pokecoins in pokemon go

Therefore, having more incubators, particularly special incubators, speeds up the hatching process, especially if you have many eggs in your inventory. Incubators are where you put your egg to hatch after you acquire it. They generally cost 150 Pokécoins and are available in the in-game shop.

Way 3. Get On Your Bike or Skateboard

Using a Bike or Skateboard is also a great way to hatch eggs without walking. This method saves you the trouble of walking every time you want to hatch an egg in Pokemon Go.

The reason why this method works is because the average speed of a bike and skateboard roughly matches that of a running man or brisk walking. Thus, you can use your bike or skateboard to travel greater distances much more easily and it will be recorded as walking in Pokemon Go.

However, do make sure not to go too fast for a normal run; otherwise, the traveled distance will not be registered.

Way 4. Use a Roomba

If you have a Roomba in your house, then why not use it to hatch eggs without moving in Pokemon Go?

Although its speed is not that great, it’s perfect to imitate a walking human. The best part? You get to hatch eggs without moving in Pokemon Go, and that, too, in the safe haven of your house!

Just put your phone on the Roomba and let it do the walking for you.

Way 5. Hatch Eggs via A Model Railroad

Continuing with the flow, a model railroad can also act as a perfect alternative for a Roomba. When assembled the right way, you can place your mobile device on the train and let it cover the distance to hatch eggs without moving in Pokemon Go.

Way 6. Use a Drone to Hatch Eggs

Last but not least, you can also use a drone to hatch eggs faster in Pokemon Go. However, be careful when using it this way.

Make sure to fly at a steady speed and keep the drone in sight. Avoid obstacles and, above all, ensure your mobile device is securely fastened to the drone so that it will not trip over.

Know More about Pokemon Go Eggs Hatching

Q1. Does Shaking Phone Hatch Eggs in Pokemon Go?

No, shaking your phone does not contribute to hatching eggs in Pokemon Go. The game uses GPS tracking and your device’s movement to calculate the distance you’ve traveled. To hatch eggs, you need to physically move, and the game tracks this movement as you walk, run, or bike with the app open.

Q2. How Long Does It Take for A Pokemon Egg to Hatch?

In Pokemon Go, the time it takes for a Pokemon egg to hatch is determined by the distance required to hatch the specific type of egg. Presently, there are four types of eggs: 2 km Eggs, 5 km Eggs, 7 km Eggs, and 10 km Eggs.


Although we have looked at several ways to hatch eggs in Pokemon Go, we know that FonesGo Location Changer remains the best way to hatch eggs in Pokemon Go without moving. This is because it is the most secure location changer app and makes use of industry-standard security measures to ensure that you don’t get flagged by Niantic.

What do you think? Do you know of some other ingenious way to hatch eggs without walking? Share your thoughts with us and let us know in the comments below!

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